Da Capo’s Soulistic Music Mix (July 2015)

Afro-Deep Soulful Lounge beats by Da Capo (Soulistic Records).
We didn’t recognize most of the songs.

Please comments if you recognize any song.
Have fun.
Main Genre: Afro House, Deep House, Lounge Music


1. Luka Feat. Sarah-Jannat – Sweet Lullaby (Jazzuelle’s Noctournal Dream Mix)
2. Jaidene Veda – You and Me a Melody (Da Capo’s Touch)
3. ?
4. ?
5. Divine bothers – something about you (house victim remix)
6. GraveYard – ?
7. GraveYard feat. Una – Made For Each Other (Da Capo’s Touch)
8. Mi Casa – Your Body (Remix)
9. Da Capo Feat. Clara Hill – Inner Light (Da Capo’s Touch)
10. Mi Casa – Turn You On (La Decandance Remix)

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  1. dope mix this is!!

    No!track 2. You and me a melody (Da Capo’s Touch), track 3. Da Capo-Mr Unpredictable,House Victims-######,GraveYard-#####,GraveYard feat. Una-Made For Each Other (Da Capo’s Touch)Micasa-Your Body (Da Capo’s Touch),Micasa-Turn you on (Da Capo’s Touch)

  2. Hi guys this is such an excellent mix, 10/10 thumbs up all the way, Eish these other house cats are calling themselves kings of drums, yet the really king of drums is Da Capo himself, dankie boy, guys what is the track id of Track 2 please

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