Lounge Music Beats by Stefan Reh (Podcast 008)

Lounge Music Beats by Stefan Reh (Podcast 008)
This wonderful Chill-Out-Indie-Dance Lounge music was mixed by a very talented artist, Stefan Reh from Berlin, Germany. His relaxing sunny sounds will move you to the chill-out zone and make you press repeat again and again.
Most of the tracks were also created by Stefan and can be found on his new album: Stefan Reh – Itchy Feet (feat. Cindy Nakoinz)
Thank you Stefan!

Stefan Reh – Itchy (The Album)

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Mini-Interview with Stefan Reh:

Inspired By: my music from the album was inspired not by an artist but by an island. We made holidays on Ibiza and I loved the chilled style and the awesome lagoon of Talamanca. My first track like the style from the album was Talamanca bay also merged by Karamaloft.
Favorite Artist: I do not have favorite artists. I hear and play what I like. I only have favorite styles and the style I like most is Tech House. At the moment I like Sebo and Madmotormiquel for example.
Main Genre: Tech House, Ambient
Top spots at your home town: Mein Haus am See, Club Der Visionaere://about blank, Chalet, Kater Blau, Rummelbucht, Kosmonaut, Watergate, Suicide Circus, SO36.
Next Goal: The first album is finished but I already started to work om the second one.
2 Recommended DJ’s: Vamos art, Planktom
Favorite Quote:  None ordinary life
Dj Gear: Tractor
Music Creation Software (DAW): Logic

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Stefan Reh’s Set Tracklist:
1. Frank Wiedemann & Ry Cuming – Howling (Original)
2. Stefan Reh feat. Lisa – i could drown (Original)
3. Djulien Ferrantes – Talamanca Bay (Original)
4. Vamos Art – Corazon (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko Remix)
5. Stefan Reh feat. C. Nakoinz – Submerged (Original Mix)
6. Stefan Reh feat. C. Nakoinz – Cruz (Original Mix)
7. Stefan Reh feat. C. Nakoinz – Simply Me (Original Mix)
8. Sebo & Madmotormiquel – Boys Boys (Original Mix)


Current Favorite Track: A current favorite track of mine is an unreleased track from my own but maybe it will be released soon so I could not tell you more about it. But another favorite track which is found in this set too is: Frank Wiedemann – Howling.

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