Rory Cochrane Exclusive Mix + Tracklist (Deep House)!

Genre: Deep House

Our special guest this month is Rory Cochrane (Thanks for the great mix!).
Co-Owner of Deep Site Recordings, Deep Site Vinylized & Deep Site Space.
We had a mini-interview with him (added below).

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Rory Cochrane – Mini Interview:

Inspired By:
I was inspired a lot by the sort of late 90’s early 2000 West Coast house scene.
I really fell in love with the deeper side of house around this time.
In particular: Naked Music, Dubtribe Sound System, Miguel Migs…

2 Recommended DJ’s:
Dj Ino (House cafe Music), Sunshine Jones (Dubtribe Sound System)

Main Genre you play:
Deep House but if I’m playing out I’ll play a variety of house genres similar to the mix I recorded for you guys.

Top Bar/Club at Your Home Town:
I don’t get out clubbing much locally anymore to be honest only if there is someone I really fancy hearing play, if I do, I normally go to Newcastle just up the road, The Cut & Cosmic Ballroom are always pretty decent, I really like Tokyo bar also, always good vibes in there!

Next Goal in the music career:
First and foremost just continue to grow our Deep Site Labels with my bro’s Tom Krizic (Funtom) & Terry Vernixx but, also I’d really like to get out playing a bit more than I have been last couple of years.
On the producing side I don’t get so much time but when I can, I’ll try and develop my sound there.
I’d really like to get an EP out at some point, so we’ll see what happens there.

Current Favorite Track:
Really loving this right now: Roberto Rodriguez – Giving It All – Lazy Days
But if I was to say a Deep Site track would have to be: Sinan Kaya – What I want (Forteba remix) due out on vinyl late summer, it’s class!

DJ Gear:
1 x Macbook pro, 2 x Technics 1210s, Pioneer DJM 900 nexus, with Traktor & timecode vinyl.
Sometimes if I hit the road I like to just use my S4 plug and play, easy and great fun!!

Music Creation Software (DAW):
I’ve used logic for my work so far, happy exploring and learning with this for the time being.

Your Favourite Quote: Not everyone understands House Music. It’s a spiritual thing, a body thing, a soul thing

Rory Cochrane’s Mix Tracklist:

We’ve added some great Deep Site Releases Below.
Show some support and buy some – Thank you.

1. Jesus Gonsev – Walking In The Glass (The Unhottest Remix) – Deep Site Vinylized promo coming soon!!
2. Cetranger – How to Be (Alex Neivel Remix) – Vernal
3. Ray Saul – Another Beginning (Original Mix) – Deep Site Recordings promo coming soon!!
4. Mateo & Matos feat Vincent Inc – Want You Tonight (Tojami Sessions Remix) – We Make Names
5. David Devilla & Elisabeth Aivar – Telephone (Deephope Remix) – Deep Clicks
6. Roberto Rodriguez – Give It All (Original Mix) – Lazy Days
7. Ralph Lawson – Attraction (Ralph Lawson & Tuccillo Remix) – Lost In Time
8. Brett Lawrence – Just Jestin (Original Mix) – Piston
9. Phil & Dan – Riddin’ High (Ian Pooley Remix) – Blacksoul
10.Arjuna Schiks – Muda Esprit (Beatamines Remix) – Einmusika Recordings
11.Guillaume & The Couto Dumonts – You Lost It (Original Mix) – Freerange
12.Kevin Yost – Sunset (Original Mix) – I Records
13.Jesus Gonsev – Honey Bunny (Sunshine Jones Remix) – Deep Site vinylized (Support and Buy)
14.Pezzner feat. Amina – One Up (Gorge Remix) – Systematic recordingss
15.Hernan Cerbello – Na Floresta (Original Mix) – Low Pressings
16.Marc Poppcke – Summer Breeze (Original Mix) – Crossfrontier Audio
17.Nikki Noek – My Spirit (Dave Pad remix) – Nopassport
18.Dj Funky T feat. Lady Mya – The Beast In You (Forteba Remix) – DeepStitched

Deep Site Records Releases:
Deep Site 2 year anniversary CD mixed by Sunshine Jones (Buy It)
Leach & Lezizmo – White Sands EP (Buy It)
Remote Persona – Shape the Future EP (Deep Site Space)(Buy It)
Alex Amster – Vanity Rush (Deep Site Space) (Buy It)

sunshine jones deep site compilation

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